About NSE Gruppen

NSE Gruppen

NSE Gruppen consists of one operating company:

NSE Industrier provides interdisciplinary services and solutions for surface treatment, industrial cleaning and scaffolding, and is a natural partner and advisor for our customers on- and offshore.

Vision and values

NSEs vision: ”COMPLETION happens together” is based on the belief that the best interaction creates the best result. Through good interaction internally and externally, NSE will be developed to become a preferred partner for and supplier to our customers. Our services will contribute to significant value added for our customers and acceptable earnings for our owners.

Our name, NSE, is composed of the initials of the three values ​​our business is rooted in:
Nøyaktighet (Accuracy), Sikkerhet (Safety) and
Erfaring (Experience).

Nøyaktighet (Accuracy)
We are constantly developing the technical and administrative competence of our services and solutions. At the same time, we will always focus on delivering the best quality at the right time.

Sikkerhet (Safety)
Safety is our highest priority in all our activities.

Erfaring (Experience)
Our long history gives us the credibility and experience to satisfy the highest demands in various industries.

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