NSE Industrier

Zero injuries to personnel.
Zero damage to the external environment

NSE Industries has an effective and continuous evaluation of our guidelines to avoid damage to people, environment and property. It is our goal to prioritise safety in all activities, and create a mindset in the organisation that injuries and damages are not accepted. Trough different measures the company will prevent health hazards, and will actively work for an optimal and safe workplace.
  1. We will identify and use the best practices in our business areas, as well as using products and techniques for the benefit of work environment and external environment.
  2. The employees of NSE Industrier must thrive and feel safe in their workplace. They must experience that the company is genuinely concerned about this.
  3. All parts of the NSE organisation must reflect a positive mindset to health, environment and safety by being proactive within HSE.
  4. NSE Industrier's HSE policy involves developing and maintaining a focus on HSE. Our zero-injury vision for personnel and environment is implemented at all levels in the organisation.
  5. Quality must be reflected in the customer requirements and expectations at all times. The overall philosophy for our work is continuous improvement and high quality of our services and products. Requirements for quality, health, environment and safety must follow a zero-error target.
  1. Our clients will be able to identify our high standards by our continuous and traceable quality in all assignments that satisfy what is agreed upon in the contract.
  2. Our company is a learning organisation, eager to correct our mistakes and benefit from our client’s experiences.
  3. We will implement measurable actions to achieve our goals.
  4. The managements engagement, positive attitudes and active participation from all employees will contribute to us reaching our goals.
  5. In NSE Industrier, considerable emphasis is placed on the fact that attitudes and actions must be compatible with the company's ambition to appear as a company with social responsibility on the agenda. Read more about NSE's social responsibility.
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