NSE Industrier


Surface treatment

NSE Industrier carries out all types of surface treatment on- and offshore. A well-developed machine park enables us to carry out most types of assignments for our customers:
  • Latest robotic technology for removing paint with water.
  • Maintenance and surface treatment on rigs, ships, tanks and steel structures.
  • Visits by FROSIO inspectors with the highest qualifications.


We offer condition analysis and inspection of welding, surface and insulation work, performed by experienced specialists with formal competence such as FROSIO and NDT certificates.

We also offer support, customer guidance, planning, technology development, projections, project management and quality control. 

Industrial cleaning

We perform all types of assignments within industrial- and high-pressure cleaning, including ultra-high pressure cleaning (UHP) up to 2800 bar - with or without additives.
  • Cleaning of pipes.
  • Industrial cleaning of onshore tank farms.
  • Removal of marine growth on ships and rigs.

Scaffolding and access

NSE Industrier delivers complete access and scaffolding solutions within rigs, shipyards and general industry both
on- and offshore. Our goal is to offer the best solutions in collaboration with our customers, for access adapted to the customer's needs and wishes.
We also offer solutions for weather protection and to prevent falling objects.

We have approx. 1000 tons of industrial scaffolding. We have equipment for rent easily available in both Stavanger and Bergen.

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